The Birth of a Steampunk Tale

The Otherkind

The world of Long Tail City has not one, but seven sentient races. Besides human beings, also known as mainliners, there are wolves, gremlins, angels, lilit, vampires, and the Phoenix. The six races of otherkind are, according to the histories, the descendents of six fifth-century beings that were cobbled together in a fashion not unlike that of Dr. Frankenstein, from the bodies of people and animals.

The Wolves- Besides their height and physical prowess, you wouldn’t know the difference between a wolf and a human. They are called wolves because their progenitor was created from the cadavars of wolves, men, and apes. They possess uncanny senses of hearing, sight, and smell. Their speed and strength is unmatched by any but the gremlins. While they are not the same as werewolves, and cannot take a wolfish form, they can turn control over to their wolfish instincts, turning them into  killing machines.

The Gremlins – Gremlins are said to be sewn together from the parts of mice and men. Besides being so fast and agile as to become invisible, they are almost dwarves in size. Their diet consistes almost entirely of sugar and caffiene. Their greatest asset, however, is their mind. Gremlin technology is kept secret, but generally surpasses human technology by about a century. This calculating mind, however, is also a great burden. They cannot feel love, hate, or a number of other emotions.

The Angels – Angels consider themselves to be God’s gift to the world. They do not associate with other species unless it becomes absolutely necessary. They wear their wings as regalry, and live communally in sky-scraping edifices.

The Lilit – Lilit are extremely rare creatures. Like angels, they have wings, but they have the additional ability to make their wings evaporate and reappear upon command. They can pass themselves off as human or angel except for one factor: they are fatally allergic to human blood. This creates an interesting paradox, as their humble, servant-minded hearts often lead them to places and occupations where human blood flows freely.

The Vampires – No one has seen a vampire in centuries. They are considered to be the weakest of all the otherkind, susceptable to attacks by crosses, garlic, holy water, sunlight. They were driven into hibernation by gremlin vampire hunters over a thousand years ago.

The Phoenix – The Phoenix is a race of one, and can refer to a single individual. Every twenty-one years, the female phoenix bursts into flame and disappears, only to be reborn in a different part of the earth. Though encounters with this singular creature are rare, it has been said that her tears can heal the weaknesses of each otherkind, and consist of the very elixir that gave life to the progenitor of each race.


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